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THE ENTRANCE: Pacoima's Story

The full history of Pacoima with hundreds of photos and stories.

Author and historian, Crystal Jackson, delivers an authentic and compelling account of one town’s epic journey through American history. Since our nation’s birth, Pacoima has been a microcosm of America’s social development and evolution. From the Mission era and genocide of the area’s natives, into becoming among the country’s first suburban minority communities, Pacoima's diverse cultural history is unlike any other. This amazing new book features hundreds of historic photos from Pacoima's history and more than 600 pages of information about the town.

"Crystal Jackson sheds light on Pacoima...inspires residents to feel more pride" Los Angeles Daily News

Virtual Pacoima History Day 2020

October 24, 2020 - This year, Pacoima Historical Society embarked on its first virtual Pacoima History Day. The event was streamed live on Zoom, and featured a who's who of Pacoima alumni including California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, US Congressman Tony Cardenas, and US Congresswoman Barbara Lee.  Special awards were presented to community members past and present who have exemplified Pacoima's spirit of activism. Watch Full Video Here

New Book Places Pacoima at Center of American History

Since our nation's birth, Pacoima has become a microcosm of America's social development and evolution. Now a comprehensive book about one of Los Angeles' oldest towns has released. "The Entrance: Pacoima's Story" by Crystal Jackson is a fascinating study of American history viewed through the evolution of this historic town.

Calif. Secretary of State Alex Padilla Honored at Pacoima History Day

On Saturday, October 6, the Pacoima Historical Society hosted it's 2nd Annual Pacoima History Day at the Vaughn Family and Community Center. The event celebrated the historic legacy of the town and honored some of its most noteworthy community members and alumni.

PHS Joins Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez in Unveiling Ritchie Valens Memorial Hwy

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Pacoima Historical Society (PHS) joined together with Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and the family of Ritchie Valens, to celebrate the unveiling of The Ritchie Valens Memorial Highway, a stretch on the I-5 Freeway between state Routes 170 and 118 freeways.

PHS in Need of Military Veterans Photos with Stories

Pacoima has many heroes who went off to war during the World War II era. We are looking for pictures and stories of these heroes; men and women who left their families to serve our country. Take the pictures off the walls, look in your memory albums, and search your old boxes for those precious historical photos.

PHS to Honor Boys and Girls Club of Pacoima

For many of us, the Boys and Girls Club in Pacoima was our savior during the long hot months of summer. We packed our lunches and went on numerous day outings. Today, the Boys and Girls Club is the oldest not for profit youth organization in Pacoima. We are looking for pictures of activities and stories involving this organization.

Prudencio Gomez - One of Pacoima's Earliest Trailblazers

Prudencio Gomez, a Spainard, was born in 1900 and immigrated to the Pacoima area in 1916. He and his wife Mercedes had 5 daughters when his dream of being a business owner came to fruition. In 1926, he opened Gomez Market on Judd Street in Pacoima, after picking fruit for many years.

Andra’e Crouch One of Many Icons in Pacoima History

Andra’e Crouch's career was perhaps one of the most phenomenal of all the successes in Pacoima. Grammy award winning Andra’e bridged the gap between gospel and mainstream music working with major stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones.

We Need To Expand Our Archives

You may not think that old picture hanging out at Hansen Dam is important, but your photos represent the living history of Pacoima. Hanging out in front of your house, standing by your old car, even school photos are important.  If you have old pictures of your experience in Pacoima, that’s what we are looking for.

PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams - DVD

PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams is an epic documentary that reveals the 1,500-year history of an area in Los Angeles called Pacoima.  The town has been largely viewed as a hub for gangs and drug activity, but when you scratch beneath the surface you discover a rich tradition of pride and heritage that defines American culture like never before.

Running Time: 2 Hours / Price: $19.95

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1947 Photo taken on Filmore St. in Pacoima