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City of Los Angeles Honors 1965 North Valley Broncos with Street Square

1965 North Valley Broncos teammates - USC Football legend Anthony Davis  and Ricky Chaperon
USC Football legend Anthony Davis (left) and Ricky Chaperon (right) were teammates on the 1965 North Valley Broncos All-Star Team from Pacoima that made history by advancing to the international World Series in New Bedford, MA

On February 16, 2023, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez unveiled a sign naming the corner of Dronfield and Osborne, “The North Valley Bronco Little League Square” in honor of the 1965 North Valley Allstars and their inspirational achievement.

In attendance were members of the team which included USC Football legend Anthony Davis, who spoke about their experience. PHS executive board member Lon Grandison also spoke about the North Valley Broncos legacy during the ceremony, which was covered by most local major media outlets.

In the early sixties, Black and Brown children were limited to where they could play baseball. The Pacoima Little League would not accept people of color. However a group of fathers leased a lot of land and created a separate league called North Valley. In 1965, the North Valley Bronco's went all the way to the World Series, against all odds.

Councilwoman Rodriguez has been a staunch advocate in honoring the teams historic accomplishment. In June 2022, she also awarded certificates to members of the team and their families at the now called, Pacoima Little League's closing ceremony.

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Patrick Richards
Patrick Richards
Nov 29, 2023


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