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Virtual Pacoima History Day 2020

On October 24, 2020, PHS embarked on its first virtual history day. The community showed up on the zoom presentation that highlighted “Activism and Politics” in Pacoima along with the traditional awards presentations.

Kicking off the program was a look at prior history days that began in 2017, followed by a clip from the film PacoimaStories “Land of Dreams” documentary. PHS History Day talked to vital central figures in early activism, former SFV NAACP President Jose De Sosa and the late Rev. Arthur Broadous, about their activism successes during the ’70s and ’80s. Sharon Emory, an activist who experienced the Valley State College takeover, talked about protesting in the ’60s and how it’s like the BLM movement. Also highlighted was the first Congresswoman from SFHS, Barbara Lee, along with the Black and Brown unity movement described by Ernesto Ayala.

Awards for 2020 went to:

  • State Assemblywoman, Luz Rivas- Public Service

  • Angela Padilla, FundaMental - Inspiration

  • Boys & Girls Club SFV, Nicole Chase- Historic non-profit business

  • Marie Harris, Community Activist- Trailblazer

  • Diane Velarde-Hernandez, SFHS teacher- Educator

  • Michelle Rogel, volunteer- Humanitarian

There were special appearances by Secretary of State Alex Padilla and US Congressman Tony Cardenas, both SFHS graduates. They spoke on how our small town went from grassroots activism to US Congressmen, Secretary of State, State Assemblywomen, Councilmen, and women making state and national laws.

This event was a huge success!

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