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Members of the Pacoima Community  Honored by PHS and City of Los Angeles

Pictured (left to right) Ed Rose, David Johnson, Dr. Yvonne Chan, Crystal Jackson, Sal Del Gaudio, Carolina Mendoza, 7th District Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, Pamela Broadous

The Pacoima Historical Society has proudly honored seven members from the community who have exemplified positive leadership and the pioneering spirit of Pacoima. The 2017 "PHS Golden Seal Award" was given to each of the honorees, who also received official recognition from the city of Los Angeles.

"Honoring the amazing individuals and businesses in this town is long overdue," stated executive board member Lon Grandison. "Without the people who have served this town throughout their lives Pacoima would never have grown up."

The awards were presented during the PHS inaugural "Pacoima History Day" festivities, which were held on August 19 at the Vaughn Family and Community Center in Pacoima. The event also featured food, entertainment and an exhibit displaying a rare collection of photos from the town's storied history.

"This town's history is amazing," stated Grandison. "We are incredibly proud to be honoring the people and businesses that have helped make our history so special."

Here are this year's honorees:


70 Years of Community Service

Hillery and Rosa Broadous, founders of Calvary Baptist Church nearly 70 years ago. During that time they had 11 children, six of whom went into the ministry.   The Broadous family has served the Pacoima community and their name is embedded in Pacoima history for their countless contributions. Pamela Broadous accepted the award on behalf of the family at the Pacoima History Day event. The patriarch Hillery Broadous has a school named after him, Alicia Broadous has a community center under her name and Arthur Broadous has a corner dedicated to him by the city of Los Angeles.


Dr. Yvonne Chan is the founding principal of the Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in Pacoima, formerly known as Vaughn Street Elementary School. The school and the community underwent a transformation under Dr. Chan's leadership, growing from 1,000 students to serving over 3,200 college and career bound students in a five campus Pre K -12 charter school. Working collaboratively with parents, teachers, neighbors, school districts, churches, businesses, government agencies, and community and international organizations, she has revitalized and transformed the face of the school and the community. Her Pacoima pioneer spirit has been the driving force for her labor of love.  


Serving Pacoima for over 50 years

Del Gaudio's Market on San Fernando Rd has served Pacoima since the 1950s. It was opened by the family and became a staple in Pacoima becoming popular for their submarine sandwiches and incredible customer service. Salvatore Del Gaudio accepted the PHS award along with his mother. He says the secret to maintaining a family business for this long is customer service. His Italian heritage has help make the diversity in Pacoima a step above the other towns in the Valley. 


Founder of M.E.N.D.

Together with his wife, Carolyn, Ed Rose founded M.E.N.D. more than 40 years ago, a nonprofit designed to help with poverty and basic human needs. Starting as a small group of volunteers working from a garage, MEND has grown into one of the largest non-profit organizations in the valley. He and Carolyn worked together to help the under privileged living in Pacoima and surrounding areas attain help with basic services such as food, health and self reliance while maintaining dignity. He still volunteers 1000 hours of volunteer work per year to help the needy. PHS Executive Board Member Stan Leandro calls Ed Rose his hero.


Born in 1925 - Passed 2017

Paula “Lupe” Hernandez was born 1925 in Pacoima, California. Until her recent death in 2017, she was Pacoima's oldest known native resident. Her family first arrived to Pacoima from Jalisco Mexico in 1918. Her father stayed for two years then went back for his soon to be wife. They traveled on a horse and carriage, taking a full  month to arrive in Los Angeles, when they heard about Pacoima. Paula was born in a garage by Gomez Market, now known as Romans Market due to no hospitals in Pacoima. The family is one of the earliest Pacoima oral stories on record.

Deacon David Johnson

Community Supporter and Activist

Deacon David Johnson's family came to Pacoima in the 1960's and he is a member of Lake View Terrace American Baptist Church.  His generous support of community organizations, including the Pacoima Historical Society has been invaluable to the town. He received the PHS Philanthropy award for his unwavering support and his triumphs over adversity. He served in the military and has exhibited tremendous leadership qualities in Pacoima.   PHS is proud to recognize him for his commitment to the history of Pacoima. 


Oldest Active Community Business in Pacoima

Romans Market around since 1926, opened by Prudencio Gomez. It is a family market that was originally  located on Judd Street but relocated to 13310 Filmore Street. The original name was Gomez Market.  The store has been around for 92 years. Prudy Roman, the grandson of the original owner, knew all the patrons and helped many before he retired. Joe Lopez, the current owner, has seen the times change but the legacy has still remained in tact even during hard times. PHS recognizes Romans Market as the 0ldest market in Pacoima. 

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