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We Need To Expand Our Archives

Dales Market on Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Pacoima - 1950

You may not think that old picture hanging out at Hansen Dam is important, but your photos represent the living history of Pacoima. Hanging in front of your house, standing by your old car, even school photos are important.  If you have old pictures in Pacoima, that’s what we are looking for.

Check your shoe boxes and photo albums. Ask your parents and grandparents.  Our website is currently archiving and compiling this wonderful history.

Photos we're looking for:

  • Pacoima Food Market

  • Go Karts

  • Hansen Dam

  • Price Pfister

  • Pacoima Holiday Parade

  • Community events

  • Church

  • Parties

  • Basilone Homes

  • Street shots

  • Old Businesses

  • Horses

We want to see any photo showing the history of Pacoima. Email us your photos and if they are selected for the PHS Digital Archives you will receive official notification. All selected photos will be issued a certificate of authentication declaring the photo part of the historic archives of Pacoima.


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