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Pictured (left to right) Alina Grandison, Alexi Grandison

Riding proudly in the 50th Pacoima Christmas parade PHS sought out community individuals to join in the parade festivities with PHS board members. Secretary Suzanne Llamas reached out the diverse pool of residents and invited a few to join in greeting the community.

In our group was driver David Llamas, who drove his 1959  Chevy apache pickup as a courtesy to the Historical Society. Riding alongside him was Suzanne Llamas in the passenger seat. In the bed of the was PHS President Crystal Jackson and the community members with the following stories:

Patty Takayama   A member San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center and author of the book “The Winter of Melancholy” who grew up in Pacoima and was active in student council and a graduate of an Fernando High.


Ted Garcia lived on Van Nuys Blvd and Bradley Blvd. His parents moved out of the corner house when they sold their property for the building of Shone Drug Store.  As a child, he also saw the building of the San Fernando Gardens.


Frances Johnson came to Pacoima in 1961 when African Americans were moving into Pacoima. As a young girl and she lived on Cornelius Street and still does. During these many years, she has observed Pacoima go through many changes.


Patsy Jurado Negrete was born on Jouette St in Pacoima in 1942. Patsy is a descendent of White Mountain Apache Indians, Yaqui Indians and Mexican grandparents. She remembers the many families who lived in the small Pacoima community.


Bernice Cooke is a member of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians who lived on Pierce St. as a little girl. Bernice takes pride in her heritage and has knowledge of many Native American families in our community.


Walking with the historic posters are Pacoima Historical Societies board members Lon Grandison, Chanelle Grandison, Lance Grandison, Alma Nava, Emma Garcia, Anthony Hernandez. On banner patrol was 4th graders from Vaughn Next Learning Center Alina & Alexis Grandison.


Special thanks also go to Lance Grandison Jr And Lorenzo Grandison who did the photographs and video’s and  Danny Llamas for transporting our crew to City Hall.

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